Live and work in New York.

                1991 MA, New York University, Major in Photography, New York.
                1984 BFA, Hong Ik University, Major in Ceramics, Seoul, Korea.

 Solo Exhibitions
2019 Camera Obscura Gallery, “Opening/Ocean”, Paris                
2018 Howard Greenberg Gallery, “Opening” , New York, NY
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, “Echo”, Gwacheon, Korea
                2017 Musee Des Beaux-Art, Retrospective “Echo”, Le Locle, Switzerland
                           Special Exhibition at Paris Photo, Grand Palace, “Unnamed Road” Paris
                           Andrew Bae Gallery, “Everglades/Opening”, Chicago
                           Stadtische Galerie Wolfsburg, Retrospective ”ECHO”, Wolfsburg, Germany
                 2016 Fotomuseum Winterthur, Retrospective "ECHO" Winterthur, Switzerland
                           Stephan Witschi Gallery, "Everglades", Zurich, Switzerland
                           Camera Obscura Gallery, "Everglades", Paris
                 2015 Howard Greenberg Gallery, “works from everglades and Unnamed Road”, New York
                           Stephan Witschi Gallery,“Unnamed Road”, Zurich
                           Camera Obscura gallery, “Unnamed Road”, Paris
                           Andrew Bae gallery, “Unnamed Road”, Chicago
                2014 MIA - Milan Image Art Fair (Stephan Witschi Gallery in Zurich ) Milano
                          Fridman Gallery, “Untitled,” New York
                          Shinsegae Gallery, “Thing,” Seoul
                2013 Dong Gang Museum of Photography, “Thing/Wind,” Yeongwol
                          Andrea Robbi Museum, “Thing,” St.Moritz, Switzerland
                2012 Camera Obscura Gallery, “Wind/Thing,” Paris
                           Stephan Witschi Gallery, “Thing & Wind,” Zurich
                           Boyer Gallery, Pagodas/Wind” The Hill School, Pennsylvania
                 2011  Aperture Gallery, “Wind by Jungjinlee,” New York
                 2010 Philip Feldman Gallery+ Project Space, PNCA, Portland, Oregon
                 2008Goeun Museum of Photography, “Road to the Wind,” Busan
                            Bellas Artes Gallery, "WIND,"  Santa Fe
                            Santa Fe Art Institute, "WIND," Santa Fe
                 2007 Andrew Bae Gallery, "Wind, Road and Buddha," Chicago
                 2005 Andrew Bae Gallery, "Beyond Photography," Chicago
                             Pyo Gallery, "THING," Seoul
                 2004 Bellas Artes Gallery, "THINGS," Santa Fe
                 2003 Blue Sky Gallery,"On Road/Ocean," Portland, Oregon
                 2002 The Museum of Photography,Seoul, "Buddha," Seoul
                             Sepia International gallery,"Desert," New York
                             Bellas Artes Gallery "Beyond Photography," Santa Fe, New Mexico.
                  2001 Tatar Alexander Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
                             Kukje Gallery, "On Road/Ocean" Seoul.
                             Sepia International Gallery,"On Road/Ocean," New York.
                             Kumho Museum of Fine Art, "Beyond Photography," Seoul.
                   1999 PaceWildensteinMacGill Gallery "Pagodas," Los Angeles.
                   1997 PaceWildensteinMacGill Gallery, Los Angeles.
                             Art Space Seoul Gallery "Wasteland," Seoul.
                   1996 Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian studies Gallery "Dissolving Landscapes,"  
                             Wesleyan University, Connecticut.
                   1995 PaceMacGill Gallery "Self Portrait," New York.
                             Fuel Gallery "American Scenes", Seattle, Washington.
                   1994 Decouvert Artfair, Paris, France.
                             Sonia Zannettacci Galerie, Geneva, Switzerland.
                   1993 Photo's Gallery, San Francisco, California. 
                             Seam-Tae Gallery "American Desert", Seoul.
                   1992 Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, Oregon.
                   1991 Past Rays Gallery "Looking," Yokohama, Japan.
                   1990 Gensler Architects, San Francisco, California.
                             Tartt Gallery, Washington D.C.
                   1989 Camera Club of New York "A Lonely Cabin in a Far Away Island," New York.
                   1988 Paik-Song Gallery "A Lonely Cabin in a Far Away Island," Seoul.
                   1984 French Cultural Center "Europe," Seoul.

Group Exhibitions
                  2018 IG Halle Rapperswil, “That One Moment”, Switzerland
Denver Art Museum, “New Territory – Landscape Photography Today”, Denver
                            Stephan Witschi Gallery, “Summer Show”, Zurich
                            University at Albany Art Museum, “This Place”, Albany, New York
                  2017 Deuxième Biennale des photographes du monde arabe contemporain, Paris, France
                   2016 National Museum of Modern Art, “As Moon Waxes and Wanes”, Gwacheon, Korea
                             National Museum of Modern Art, "Public to Private: Photography in Korean Art", Seoul, Korea
                            Brooklyn Museum, "This Place", Brooklyn, NY
                   2015 Norton Museum Of Art, “This Place”, West Palm Beach, Florida
                            Howard Greenberg Gallery, “Land Lines”, New York, NY  
                            Norton Museum Of Art, “Imaging Eden: Everglades”, West Palm Beach, Florida
                            Tel Aviv Museum, “This Place”, Tel Aviv, Israel
                            Museum SAN, White Echoes: Poetics of Hanji and Contemporary Art
                   2014 DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, "This Place" Prague
                           Rectangular Squres, Sepia EYE, New York, NY
                  2012~13 Los Angeles County Museum of Art “Moments Measured,” LA
                  2011  Denver Art Museum “Dirty Pictures,” Denver
                            Andrew Bae Gallery, “Stone and Wind/ Two person show with Han YoungJin,” Chicago
                  2010  Museum of New Mexico,”Case Studies from the Bureau of Contemporary Art,” Santa Fe,
                             New Mexico.
                             Museum of Hong-Ik University, Seoul
                             Trunk Gallery, “Jungjin Lee / Hyunmi Yoo,” Seoul
                             Santa Barbara Museum of Art, “Chaotic Harmony,” Santa Barbara, CA
                  2009 Contemporary Korean Photographs, Gyeongnam, Korea
                             Korean Contemporary Photo Now, Seoul
                             The Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Surface Tension,” New York
                             Houston Museum of Art, “Contemporary Korean Photography, CHAOTIC HARMONY.” Houston
                             GanaArt, New York, NY.
                             Seoul Art Center, “Odyssey 2009,” Seoul
                  2008 National Museum of Contemporary Art, "Korean Contemporary   
                             Photography1948~2008," Seoul
                             Seoul Museum of Art, "Treasures Within," Seoul
                             Shinsegae Gallery, "Mindful Garden," Seoul
                 2007 Seoul Museum of Art, "Korean Contemporary Art," Seoul
                            Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, University of Oregon,"From the Fire," Oregon
                            Miki Wick Kim Contemporary Art, Zurich, Switzerland
                 2006 Stanlee and Rubin Center for Visual Art, University of Texas,
                            'Contemporary Photographs of the Desert', El Paso
                 2004 Noviy Manezh, "Korean Landscape- The spritual world within the Scenery,"  
                            Organized by Seoul Museum of Art, Moscow
                            Gana Art Center, "Art in Photography," Seoul
                            FotoFest 2004, "Water", Houston
                 2003 The Contemporary Museum, "Crossing 2003: Korea/Hawai'i," Hawai'i
                             Asian Art Museum,"Leaning Forward, Looking Back," San Francisco
                 2002 Museum of New Mexico,"IDEA Photographic after Modernism," Santa Fe,
                             La Gallerie Photo "Korean Contemporary Photography" Montpellier, France
                 2001  International Fotoage Herten "The Century of Korean photography," Herten, German
                             Toronto International Art Fair, Tatar Alexander Gallery, Toronto.
                             Sepia international "Summer 2001," new York.
                             Hong Kong Art Center "Current in Korean Contemporary Art," Hong Kong.
                            Tai Pei Fine Art Museum " Current in Korean Contemporary Art," Tai Pei.
                 2000 Korean Culture Center "Figures and Paysages," Paris, France.
                             Odense Foto Triennale "Slowness," Odense, Denmark.
                             Rena Brenstein Gallery "Paper Cuts," San Francisco.
                             Arles Photography Festival "Exchange And Interchange," Arles, France.
                             Hanlim Museum "The Sun Rises in the East," Taejon.
                             FotoFest International "Korean Photography," Houston, Texas.
                             National Museum of Contemporary Art "New Collection," Kwachon.
                1999   FNAC Collections, Paris
                1998   National Museum of Contemporary Art "The Visual Exhibition of Photography Image," Seoul.
                            Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul.
                            The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm "Asiatiska Fotografer," Sweden.
                            Hanlim Museum "Body & Photography," Taejon.
                1997   Gallery Artbeam "Monochrome," Seoul.
                1996   Walkerhill Art Center, Seoul.
                            Whitney Museum of American Art "Perpetual Mirage: Photography
                            Narratives of the Desert West,"
 New York.
                1995 Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art, " Kyongju.
                            The Center for Photography at Woodstock "Passing"Photography, Today Moments,
                            Memory Trace & Light Images,"
 Woodstock, New York.
                1994   L.A. County Museum "New York from the Collections," Los Angelse.
                            Seoul Art Center "1945-1990, Historical Prospect," Seoul.
                1993   Korean Cultural Center "Bridging the Differences," L.A. California.
                            Zabriskie Gallery, New York.
                1992  Turner Krull Gallery, Los Angeles, California.
                            Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London, England.
                1986   Battangol Gallery, Seoul.
                            Donsung-dong Art Museum, Seoul.
                1985  Paris Museum of Modern Art, Paris, France.

2018 Winner in the AIGA book Competition for “Desert”, New York, NY
                         Nomination for Filaf Award in “Photography” Category for the book “Desert”, Perpignan, France
               2016 Nomination For Infinity Awards 2016 In The "Art" Category For "Everglades", ICP, New York
                2013   Dong Gang Photography Award, Yeongwol, Korea
                2011   Anonymous Was A Woman Awards, New York
               1990   Photography Award, Camera Club of New York

Commissioned work
               2014-15 The Everglades Project "Imaging Eden" by Norton Museum of Art, FL
               2010-11 Israel Project ”This Place“

2017 Desert, Radius Books, NM
               2017 Opening, Nazraeli Press, CA
               2016 Everglades, Nazraeli Press, CA
               2016 Echo, Fotomuseum Winterthur/Spector Books, Switzerland
               2014 Unnamed Road, MACK Publications, UK
              2014  Thing, Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul
               2009  WIND, Aperture, New York
               2006  Jungjin Lee, Yelwha-Dang Art Publications, Seoul
               2005 Thing, Minseogak Publications, Seoul
               2002 Desert/Jungjin Lee, Sepia International Inc. New York
               2001  On Road/Ocean, Sepia International Inc. New York/Kukje Gallery, Seoul
               2000 Jungjin Lee: Beyond Photography, Shigak Publications, Seoul
               1997  Wasteland, Art Space Seoul
               1996  Dissolving Landscapes, Wesleyan University, Connecticut
               1993  The American Desert, Shigak Publications, Seoul
               1988  A Lonely Cabin in a Far Away Island, Yelwha-Dang Art Publications, Seoul

Selected Collections
               The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA
               Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, USA
               L.A. County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, USA
               Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Texas, USA
               New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, USA
               Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
               National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia
               Norton Museum of Art, Florida, USA
               Akron Art Museum, Ohio, USA
               J.P.Morgan, New York, USA
               Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon, USA
               FNAC, Paris, France
               Sprint Corporation, Kansas, USA
               Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, USA
               FotoFest, Houston, USA
               Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeongju, Korea
               National Museum of Modern and Contemporary art, Gwacheon, Korea
               Museum of Photography, Seoul, Korea
               Daelim Museum, Taejon, Korea
               Kumho Museum of Fine Art, Seoul, Korea
               Chosun Hotel, Seoul, Korea
               Korea Development Bank, Seoul, Korea
               Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
               Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, University of Oregon, Oregon, USA
               Gyeonggido Museum of Art, Ansan, Korea
               Shinsegae, Seoul, Korea